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Hello, dear friends and visitors who can join whenever they want this group :iconshadowlightseeker:
I'm happy to make such connection of the element shadow which create a lot of the effects on the photography.

The virtue of the camera is not the power it has to transform the photographer into an artist, but the impulse it gives him to keep on looking.
Brooks Anderson, Once Around the Sun

A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know.
Diane Arbus

The magic of photography is metaphysical. What you see in the photograph isn't what you saw at the time. The real skill of photography is organized visual lying.
Terence Donovan

Is shadow visual lie? :? :giggle:

While there is perhaps a province in which the photograph can tell us nothing more than what we see with our own eyes, there is another in which it proves to us how little our eyes permit us to see.
Dorothea Lange

ANYWAY, ALWAYS THE BEST PART: the art of shadows.

1st features on theme 'Art of the shadow' in :iconshadowlightseeker:

The art of walking XV by alonsio the palm of the burning handshake by PsycheAnamnesis Grudge by lostknightkg
Pinocchio II by aerendial Trust no one by lostknightkg 366 by mil0u
The Horror by MarinaCoric :thumb337890744: Pinocchio II by aerendial
P A S S I N G by aerendial la porte by aerendial rythm of sun by aerendial
Give Me Comfort by MarinaCoric Need for Shelter by LevAni11 Intruder by lostknightkg
Eastern promise by lostknightkg :thumb337348497: :thumb332175090:
:thumb338385312: The Doppelganger by iNeedChemicalX LIGHT IN THE MOVIE by cetrobo
:thumb325916313: :thumb304232299: Zebra by bubastis2 :thumb303888844:
Her eyes beneath the ground by Greyguardian Drowning in the Fog of Yours by mehrmeer :thumb293873623:

Shadows III by in2ni Shadows V by in2ni Shadows IV by in2ni
Lives Only in the Light by LevAni11 living in the shadows by PsycheAnamnesis Self Portrait Angles And Dead Flowers by KizukiTamura
City Light Shadows by Pierre-Lagarde .010 by Pharaun333 of love and shadows by PsycheAnamnesis
people's republic of shadow 1 by OnurY Rite of passage by lostknightkg Mini adventure by lostknightkg
zero_point_two_four_two by OskarAlfons :thumb294462221: 561 by 1510
:thumb338655100: scene de vie 313 by C-Jook Behind the door by Pierre-Lagarde

Rear Window by MarinaCoric :thumb327155057: Friendship is love without sex by Batsceba
Der Unbekannte bw 1 by feigenfrucht :thumb304280065: power up by aerendial
crow by aerendial Wild pigeon II by lostknightkg Winter sun II by lostknightkg
Seaman by lostknightkg Lookout by EintoeRn Throbbing by Nahuask
Shadow and Moon by RobertoBertero The Ancient Ashes of Hearts by catch---22 :thumb306310361:
Reflexion by in2ni Catching fairies... by Nahuask Simple II by alonsio
Shadow for Shadowness by Pierre-Lagarde Motorized by batmantoo Fun Run 09 by celil
strangers by jasamtomi New Year's Eve by iNeedChemicalX The Portrait of a Lady - project the other side by Batsceba
Fairy-tale Lovers by Marinshe Street portrait 3 by LucienWittwer Into the frame by Gautama-Siddharta
executioner by OnurY plasticity II by OnurY .: b e . s h a r e d :. by 1Durden1
:thumb267309958: :thumb212143580: :thumb183947517:
:thumb180224504: Enigma by lostknightkg :thumb283933930:
light in your eyes by 8o-clock

Mature Content

Shadow by serg-vostrikov
Eyelash by KizukiTamura
Drama Queen by MarinaCoric Closer to the Light by MarinaCoric Collar II by MarinaCoric
Shades of Resurrection by peterle28 Forgotten peoples by lostknightkg Escape darkness by lostknightkg
Insomnia by lostknightkg Sandman by lostknightkg Solar by lostknightkg
Night on the Earth by ilijaa :thumb295653329: :thumb281689949:
The Mayor by maxlake2 Self Portrait by JBord

Mature Content

wish i was dreaming by Enaston

striped maze III by sth22art taman by Migrena Happiness by f-i-g-m-e-n-t
Dislocated by visceral :thumb202943928: Nothing will remain by Nahuask Elsewhere by Nahuask
:thumb191899868: Happiness by f-i-g-m-e-n-t My shadows by alonsio
Nino by TamarBurduli FADING INTO THE SHADOWS by puken Black and White II by Batsceba
Sur le sentier by in2ni shadowplay no2135 by aerendial metamorphosis by PsycheAnamnesis
Man In Tree ID by DpressedSoul

:thumb338491010: x-view by aerendial Untitled by aerendial
shadow.knock knock by aerendial trap by aerendial :thumb202722610:
C A R V E R ' S_F A L L by aerendial devID 6 by sth22art
Phantasmagorie by Phoenixstamatis Nosferatu by lostknightkg Dreamscapes by lostknightkg
Raven King by lostknightkg Moon Druid by lostknightkg Autumn shadow by lostknightkg
Darkness Rise by lostknightkg Winter Dawn by lostknightkg Transcend II by lostknightkg
your silent ghost by PsycheAnamnesis Melankoli by Mar-jus antichrist by is-blind
Architecture of Bureaucracy by MarinaCoric :thumb326799602: shadow puppet by Hengki24
The Lambda Grid by EintoeRn Monday's Ghost by EintoeRn slaves by MattiaC

Mature Content

Polymorphic by Nahuask
jesen2 by banshee11 The Shadows Of My Reflection by silenceinthewings
restless spirit by PsycheAnamnesis Parting The Sea by KizukiTamura :thumb338584118:
n i g h t m a r e by freaky208 Conferring with myself by Batsceba Good Vibrations - project: the other side by Batsceba
FORK ARMY by bubastis2 KITCHEN PLAY by bubastis2 FORK ARMY by bubastis2
KITCHEN PLAY by bubastis2 :thumb272616419: KITCHEN PLAY by bubastis2
FORK ARMY by bubastis2 KITCHEN PLAY by bubastis2 FORK ARMY by bubastis2
Towers of Doom by lostknightkg Winter comes by lostknightkg Shadow house by lostknightkg
Dark Past by lostknightkg the shadow by Batsceba White 19 / Counterclockwise by AlexandruCrisan
White 17 by AlexandruCrisan tension / white#31 by AlexandruCrisan White 49 by AlexandruCrisan
Collioure II by C-Jook Ddrk.0417 by alonsio Sun Voyager by Denneris
... the unknown by m-lucia Few Steps To Darkness by Pierre-Lagarde light vs shadow by aerendial
I Forsee the Dark Ahead, If I Stay .02 by Pharaun333 I Forsee the Dark Ahead, If I Stay by Pharaun333 Always by Metal-Bender
Into the Dream by arayo Misty Home by Nahuask Into the Dream by arayo
d13 #93 (1) by DpressedSoul forgotten places by PsycheAnamnesis VETERAN by puken
:thumb292944923: :thumb254779359: Hight Stones III by Pierre-Lagarde
Bottoms Light's Shadow by Pierre-Lagarde Dark Singing Metal by Pierre-Lagarde K-Tubes 3 element by Pierre-Lagarde
Woman by adibudojo Human by Pathogens
Lunar Eclipse by farhadvm Eclipse by Ruthlessphoto Lunar Eclipse HDR by Entophile
Up by phrostie


and from the 1st journal of the group, again wiki source to remind you what shadow is and why I make those gallery groups.
It would be some changes and if someone have ideas, suggestions, FEEL FREE and say to me.

A shadow is an area where direct light from a light source cannot reach due to obstruction by an object. It occupies all of the space behind an opaque object with light in front of it. The cross section of a shadow is a two-dimensional silhouette, or reverse projection of the object blocking the light. The sun causes many objects to have shadows and at certain times of the day, when the sun is at certain heights, the lengths of shadows change.

An astronomical object casts human-visible shadows when its apparent magnitude is equal or lower than −4. Currently the only astronomical objects able to produce visible shadows on Earth are the sun, the moon and, in the right conditions, the planet Venus.

In photography

In photography, which is essentially recording patterns of light, shade, and colour, "highlights" and "shadows" are the brightest and darkest parts of a scene or image. Photographic exposure must be adjusted (unless special effects are wanted) to allow the film or sensor, which has limited dynamic range, to record detail in the highlights without them being washed out, and in the shadows without their becoming undifferentiated black areas.

Fog shadows

Fog shadows look odd since humans are not used to seeing shadows in three dimensions. The thin fog is just dense enough to be illuminated by the light that passes through the gaps in a structure or in a tree. As a result, the path of an object shadow through the "fog" appears darkened. In a sense, these shadow lanes are similar to crepuscular rays, which are caused by cloud shadows, but here, they are caused by the shadows of solid objects.

Other notes

A shadow cast by the Earth on the Moon is a lunar eclipse. Conversely, a shadow cast by the Moon on the Earth is a solar eclipse.

On satellite imagery and aerial photographs, taken vertically, tall buildings can be recognized as such by their long shadows (if the photographs are not taken in the tropics around noon), while these also show more of the shape of these buildings.

A shadow shows, apart from distortion, the same image as the silhouette when looking at the object from the sun-side, hence the mirror image of the silhouette seen from the other side (see picture).

Shadow as a term is often used for any occlusion, not just those with respect to light. For example, a rain shadow is a dry area, which, with respect to the prevailing wind direction, is beyond a mountain range; the range is "blocking" water from crossing the area. An acoustic shadow can be created by terrain as well that will leave spots that can't easily hear sounds from a distance. Sciophobia, or sciaphobia, is the fear of shadows.

'stealing' source from wikipedia
also, I still learn options of group and I don't know how to change options - well, I know where and I try it, but if someone have a wish to be co-founder or contributor, FEEL FREE also to jump in and contribute freely for featuring shadow. :) I won't send you, although I can do it, but you can freely ask for the title.
dear members, thank you all for making alive this group.
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