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April 18, 2012


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'destructive' (inspirative)

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 18, 2012, 5:05 AM
dark origin by ashesrashes Firecrackers by pumpkin87 submerged I by frezbo Moon Fever by LukasSowada 0236 by ra-gro Garland of Autumn by Soggyness Birdy man by foto-graf-hi Onr Thing Leads To Another by Lesalisacion who we really are by pietruszka Another ::Conversation:: by DeRoodeKoning
'destructive', literaly inspirative.

(P.S. today the exam is canceled, so next week - I think that this is luck - would learn better. (and it's readings about philosophers of architectures and it's not that fast reading like I was thinking i nthe beginning - they all give life for that and we can't just puke on some sentences (although we are able to criticize some conservative statements) - they gave life for a word (just imagine all those great sentences they construct) to tell and I'm happy that I would read more for that exam). In fact all these play with words (past journals and so on...) have more mean to me while I was reading texts about Wittgenstein who explore origins of language, excistence...)

in fact I found myself earlier in observations with visual collaboration between image and word... it is sort of graphic play or visual communication design. many artist incorporates that and somehow they value their work more when they compose it in  literal construction, too. so, I feature some of mine works to remind you on that.

m o m e n t u m by aerendial A N N O U N C E by aerendial H E A D L I N E by aerendial :thumb203750295:

except all these inspirations, today I developed these detidications and can't wait to hang it on my wall like I already do for works from marija-boskovic and Dionisic:

Merlin's lair by lostknightkg Soft Explosion by tractern Forbidden forest III by lostknightkg


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thank you so much for featuring me

great journal :clap:
thank you for including some of my work, my friend! :D
pietruszka Apr 18, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
thank you! :heart:
You will print them out ? Great features, thanks for including me :handshake:
yes. it looks wonderful, although format is small, but it doesn't matter.. :ahoy:
I can send you a bigger version if you want :)
you don't have to but you can if you want to. for now, I don't have money for bigger.. I want to have huge walls in my space one day and then I would print hugeee!!!:highfive:
and thank you - dedication: something that I really appreciate and taking seriously.
haha ok, well it's always here when you want it.. a bigger version just note me and i'll email it to you :D :handshake:
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